Ted Shares a laugh and a cup of Joe with Roberta Campbell after bagging this fine 150+ buck with his Renegade bow and custom white arrows
Ted, Roberta and Dan check out the dressed weight of Ted's beast, nearly 180 lbs "dressed"

and who said Southern Texas Whitetails were small?

A better look at that 150 class monster rack!
Jack and his guide Ty with his 130 class buck
Dan with his dandy Boar
Here's the 138 class 10 Pointer that I passed on....OK...go ahead and kick me!
Here he is again...didn't get any smaller than in the last picture, did he?
...and here's the 125 class 7 pointer that I passed up on the first day....my hindsight is getting better!
Roberta Campbell and Ted take a break while out tracking a deer for another hunter
A guide from the ranch capes out one of the deer taken
Area N director Jeff Campbell interrupts Ted from his laptop duties to claim his fleeting moment of fame.
Ted stares intently into the bush hoping to morph a cactus into a Javelina
A Javelina takes a nap in the back of the pickup after pigging out on two sodas, a water and two cups of coffee
How'd this get in here? Sorry Trevor.