The basic structure is made of 12' 6 x 6's and stands about 9' above ground.

Notice the 4 landscape timbers that are set 1' outside of the 6 x 6 structure. These are used to support the walls and provide a slope to the project.

You'll end up cutting off those fancy edges, so don't waste your time like I did.
The basic structure, ready for a whole lot of work.

Trevor shows off his washboard abs

Don't ya just hate that?

The braces for the side walls are "birdmouthed" onto the upper and lower supports.

Pay attention to the treated 2 x 6's that are attached to the landscape timbers.

A 10' x 10' deck sits on top of the 8' platform.
An underside view of the deck portion that extends past the main structure.

Notice the fascia that was added to the decking to give it that finished look and help line up the edges.

Notice the braces that give support to the decking that extends past the 6' x 6' main structure. You will need these later as the walkway around the upper portion of the blind is critical for building the roof.
Side walls and doorway being erected.
The side walls are nearly complete.

 These will be covered with vinyl siding when finished.

The viewing area is roughed in
Notice the top portion of the lighthouse. We originally built it like our other blinds at 6' tall, but it was not proportioned well, so we scaled it down to just over 4'.

With the additional headroom from the vaulted ceiling, there's just enough room to stand up and bang your head into the ceiling braces.

Trevor is on the left, Kevin on the right.

Support used to build the roof.

This was removed after the roof was complete and the siding was installed on the viewing area.

The roof, after 1/2" OSB, 15 lb. felt and drip edge, is ready for shingles.
Stairway leading to viewing area
Some gumby with really curly hair, entering into the viewing area (sorry Kevin)
Hatch into the viewing area
Sam Milana putting up the insulation wrap on the lower level
Sam tacks down some of the siding before applying the insulative wrap
The first side of the lower level get completed with the vinyl siding.

Notice the nice new Ram Hemi of Sam's in the background.

The front of the blind get it's siding!
The upper part, wrapped and ready for siding.

Thanks to Tom Church for donating the wrap!

T-111 siding on the observation area
Ready for a coat of paint and some window trim.
Notice where the roof truss meets the trim that goes around each window.

If you mark an equal distance from the ends, then your trim will be of uniform width (unlike the foresight lacking job done here).

The first coat of paint goes on the observation tower
Wired out for 12v
12v light will go overhead
A well placed handle will assist in getting into the upper area.
Of course you'll want some insulation.
Nearing completion, the outside railings and windows are installed.
A little food plot gets planted at the edge of the woods (good place for a tree stand).
A nicely mowed field will help attract deer.
Some interior creature comforts and aesthetics get added
We're just waiting for Sam Milana to arrive with the regulator and hose for the stove.

Oh by the way, thanks for the stove Sam.

Thanks to Bill Babbitt for the contribution of the fine Berber carpeting.

There must be a "Pot o Gold" under that lighthouse somewhere.
After adding some soffit and fascia.

Hey, I never claimed to be a good carpenter.