Here are the two 8 pointers that I am considering for the upcoming archery season. The one on the left has at least 3 sons that I know of.

Here is one of his sons. He has some bumps inbetween his right brow tine and his G2.

Here is another of his sons.

This is the taller of the two.

The other buck gains inches on width but this one gain inches on tine length. I keep scoring them in my head right at 125.


This is the wider one from about 4 weeks ago. I took all of the other pictures this morning with my cancorder in poor light so the quality is less than desirable. I will try to get better pictures later. Our digital camera with the 10X zoom croaked so I'll have to see what I can do with 5X on the other.

Here is another picture of the two bucks.


The wide 8 came out of velvet on the 14th of September

The taller one came out of velvet on the 5th.