May 13

May 20

May 25 - So far ahead of the rest of the bucks - even on the YO

The deer we call "Smashmouth" because his nose has been pushed back in. He was a little 8 point last year.

May 30th

June 4th - Starting his 7th and 8th points

June 11th

June 18th - Sprouting a 9th point

Smashmouth - June 19th

June 24th - adding another point on his left main beam and starting to fork off his left G2. Having dinner with Smashmouth. Adding lots of mass as well.

June 24th

July 2nd - Watch the G3 on his left side, it appears to be starting to branch off.


July 8th

Smashmouth July 8th - he is growing a drop tine on each side


The big buck is still an 11 pointer but adding mass and length

Future 8 pointer

Another future 8 pointer

July 15th

Smashmouth July 16th

July 23rd

July 23rd

The Handlebar Buck

Twisted Sister (so named because she always twists her right ear downwards)


Video of the 2009 Bucks (I took this with a cheap camera)

Girlfriend likes her watermelon.

July 30th

August 5th


Watch the video to the right as this axis buck breeds a doe.


August 13th

August 16th

August 16th

August 26th

September 1st. This is about at big as they will get this season. Their velvet will start shedding in about a week or so.

Our pet doe eating her favorite food; watermelon.  

The 11 point, coming out of velvet

The next morning, all out of velvet.

September 26th, this is as good as it gets.