Why did I wear these flip flops in Cactus country?

Our mailbox is a little over 2 miles away.

This will eventually become the road back to our house.

This will be the view from where the house will be.

Our well getting drilled.

a $6,000 hole in the ground!

Leaving the BunkHouse

Exiting the YO

Arriving at the new ranch

My first attempt at a meter assembly, it still needs a 27' mast.

The new gate waiting to be installed

They are taking the spoil from the septic and making a berm for the future pond

Nothing but rock when trying to put in the septic tank!

What little soil there is to dig, they use the back hoe for, the rest is rock and they need to use the rock hammer

Another view of where the septic field will be

The floor for the storage building gets leveled and supported

The plywood floor gets screwed down

Here is where we will pour the cement floor for the pump house

Our first lunch guests

The rifle blind gets stood up