There was a duplicate picture here of one of the animals, but a couple of people with mental instabilities complained, so I took it out, which left this space open.

Are you happy now?

Updating the web site and answering emails

Our fine accommodations

Hello Chicken. Would you like to be dinner?

Ranch Manager Bill Adams

Blake Adams, ranch hand and poor football predictor.

Blake preparing for the consequences of his poor prognosticating.

Yup, his poor prediction resulted in a close shave.

Hair's almost all gone!

Preparing for the afternoon hunt

An outside view of our palatial bunkhouse.

The feeder truck, ready for another run. Notice the fine wheel chocks.

My ground blind in a location where we had seen a couple of nice shooters.

Looking out from the blind to the feed route

Mike compromises his safety due to poor cellular service.

Can you hear me now?

The chicken coop, complete with chicken poop.

Blake with his new "do".

Blake and Jodi

Bill Bert and Jeff

Quatro "Hombres" Jeff, Scott, Mike and Bill

All packed up and ready to head home.

Bill and Jodi

The Michigan Hunting group Jeff, Bert, Mike, Jodi and Scott.
They loved us there!

Ask Scott about his experience antagonizing cattle!

Kerrville's Team Name! Gotta like that one!