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our hunting trip with Ted

Your hosts from

Jeff and Roberta (Bert)

Tyler Woodward and his trophy Blackbuck antelope. We all miss Tyler, may he rest in peace!

Tyler and his Fallow Buck

Tyler and his Four Horned Sheep

Tyler and his Texas Dall Sheep

Tyler and his 350+ lb boar

Tyler and his Gold Medal Sika

Tyler feeds the giraffe


I get an opportunity to take a trophy aoudad

A blast from the past! Kevin Campbell goes deer hunting.

Troy Givens blasts some pigs


Troy Givens nails a trophy sika


USMC Gny Sgt Ed Walsh kicks off the CMO 10th annual wounded warrior hunt with a hog


USMC Gny Sgt Ed Wash gets a trophy Scimitar Horned Oryx

Brandon Babbitt gets his first axis buck

Letting the air out of a cull buck


Cpl CJ Larkin knocks down a horny axis stag


Sgt Mark Spencer finally gets an axis stag

Sgt Albert Gonzalez gets a trophy Blackbuck Antelope


Corporal Nick Perales tags a nice Blackbuck Antelope after a couple of misfires.

This was a "run and gun" video shoot. We located these antelope in a field behind a landowner's house and had to sneak up on them. It is not by best video effort by far as we ran up there without any tripods or monopods and had to shoot this footage freehand.

Hugh Lytle and his Silver Medal Aoudad Ram


Video of Hugh Lytle's Ram hunt

Buster Kuhlmann and his excellent axis stag


Video clip of Buster's axis stag.

Now this is "Tasty Venison"


Kevin Campbell celebrates the opening of melon season


Zach Wandrie gets his first ever deer.


Frank Loria gives the videographer a few compliments


Cade Brown bags the sika stag of his dreams.


Brandon Babbitt with his first Rio Grande tom


Video of Brandon's turkey hunt


Kevin Campbell vaporizes a watermelon


David Babbitt tags out on a nice Chocolate Fallow


Video of whitetail miss


Video of Nicholas Campos' 8 point whitetail

The big whitetail I was chasing when my Gold Medal Red Stag interrupted my hunt.

Another pig bites the bullet

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Webmaster's first Texas whitetail buck.

Click on the above for a short video of the Webmasters 8 point.

The webmaster and his unique Sika Stag

The bases of this stag grow together

Nicholas Campos bags his first Axis stag


Video clip of Nicholas' Axis

Kevin Luckie proudly displays his Bronze Medal Blackbuck Antelope

Justin Wehring and his Father Billy team up on a M240B full auto 7.62 x 51

Hunter Luckie dispays his first Axis Stag


Video of Hunter's Stag

Kevin Luckie nails a monster axis


Cpl. Justin Gaertner bags a Bronze Medal Axis stag at Rancho Los Campos on the YO Ranch.


A short video clip of Justin's Stag

Shemane Nugent and he "Birthday Buck" for husband Ted

Ted discusses deer management with Shemane

Shemane feeds some fallow deer that we ultimately transported up to "Spirit Wild" ranch


Michael Babbitt and his axis trophy


Video of Michael's axis

Brandon Babbitt and his 2011 whitetail doe


Video of Brandon's doe hunt

Bill Babbitt gets an axis doe


Cpl CJ Larkin's Axis stag

Alan Teague and his trophy 4 x 4 Sika in velvet


I used my dad's Japanese 7.7mm he brought back from Iwo Jima to dispatch this problem boar at 82 yards.

Nikki scores her first archery hog!

Webmaster takes a little target practice on an Aoudad.

Nikki Scores a nice trophy 4 x 4 Asian Sika.

Steve bags a medal class chocolate Fallow buck

Kevin Campbell bags a trophy 4 x 4 Asian Sika

Team "Joe Atkinson" and their Texas Hill Country 8 point bucks

Raymond DeSimone and son Christian pose with Raymond's trophy Sika buck

A trophy Blackbuck falls victim to Joe Jr's sniper skills.


Ron Osterland finally bags his axis doe with a .44 mag handgun

Eric Osterland and his firearms season doe. This picture doesn't do the doe justice, she was enormous!

Kevin Campbell and his archery season doe. She only ran about 50 yards.

The webmaster bags a 34" trophy axis buck and uses his pocket knife to field dress the animal.

Nikki "Deer Slayer" Schneider bags an 8 point buck with her bow!
Way to go Nikki!

John Murray and Matthew Murray team up to take a trophy white fallow buck on their exotic hunting trip in Texas. Click on the picture for a video clip (please be patient while it loads)

Matthew Murray takes the nice white fallow buck that he was looking for. Helping his dad get his, just wasn't good enough! Click on the picture for a video clip to see how much of a better shot Matthew is than his dad!

Matthew tags a Blackbuck doe

Webmaster's 2006 archery 8 pt. click on the picture for a video clip.

Webmaster, Jeff Campbell poses with his trophy Mouflan taken in Mountain Home, Texas

Ron Osterland and his 2006 8 point. Click on the picture for a short video clip.

Ron and his '06 Axis doe. Nice buck rub eh?

Eric Osterland and his '06 white Fallow.

Tom Hansen Shares the local paper with a friend
This is where the arrow goes!
Dina Milana and her first ever buck taken from the parcel 8 creek blind
Dina Milana and her doe taken from the Lighthouse Blind
Sam Milana and his 6 point taken from the Lighthouse Blind on opening day 11/15/05
Click here to see pictures of our hunting trip to Rancho Creek
Trevor Campbell and his doe taken from the Palace Blind in a downpour 11/27/04
Dina Milana and her doe taken 12/11/04 from the Lighthouse Blind

Her first deer! Taken and/or seen!

Jeff Campbell and his 8 point taken from the Lighthouse Blind on 11/22/04
Ron Osterland and his 6 point taken opening day 11/15/04 from the Palace Blind
Eric Osterland and his 7 point buck taken from the clearcut blind on October 16, 2004
Trevor Campbell and his first archery deer of 2004 taken during a wicked rain storm. A 1 1/2 year old doe.
Area Director Jeff Campbell and his Russian Boar taken with a bow at Ted's Sunrise Acres on October 15, 2004
State Director Skip Coryell and his Russian Boar taken with a bow at Sunrise Acres on October 16, 2004
Sam Milana and his 2004 turkey
Sam Milana and his 235 lb dressed weight 8 pt buck taken from the Lighthouse blind that he helped to build.
Sam Milana and his last deer of the 2003 season.


No tracking this girl, he dropped he in her tracks.

Ask him to see the video.

Trevor Campbell and his 5 point buck taken with a Ruger .270 on 11/16/03.
Kevin Campbell and his 150 lb doe taken during  the special youth hunt.
Area N Director, Jeff Campbell with his first 2003 Archery buck
Area N Regional Director Bill Babbitt and his first bow kill of 2003

Roberta Campbell's First buck, a 2.5 year old spike

November 15, 2002

Ask her how long it took to find the deer in her scope!

Hi Jenise!

Learn how to build this blind

Click here

Trevor Campbell misses his big chance
Area Director Jeff Campbell
Trevor Campbell with his archery 5 point
  Trevor Campbell's First Buck 
Eric Osterland and his first buck
Tim Schneider of Emmett

and his 2002 Firearms Buck

Way to Go Tim!

Area Director

Jeff Campbell

David Perry and his first deer.

Sam Milana and his 6 pointer   Nice Jacket Sam!

Jeff McCallum and his first contribution to the doe management system.

Nice shot Jeff!


Ron Osterland and his first bow kill

Area N Regional Director Bill Babbitt and his first Ram taken at Ted's Sunrise Acres
Kevin Campbell age 12 and his very first deer taken in his first hour of hunting

Ron Osterland and his trophy axis buck.

Click on the picture for a short video clip

Ron Osterland and his nice 8 point.

Click on the picture for a short video clip.

Sam Milana and his Archery Sika Doe


Click on the picture for a short video clip

Webmaster and his uninvited guest while building his deck

Ron Osterland and his big axis buck. Click on the picture for a short video clip
John Murray and his trophy fallow buck. Click on the picture for a short video clip.
Matthew Murray matches his dad and takes a white fallow buck. Click on the picture for a short video clip.

Sgt. Luis Ruiz on his Wounded Warrior hunt bags a nice Axis doe

Bob Dalley bags his first Aoudad


Jason Schon gets his first whitetail buck. A nice Texas 8 pointer. See video clip to the right.

Bailey Teague tags a Gold Medal 5 X 4 Sika buck right afer his appointment at the "Mud Spa".

Billy Babbitt bags a Gold Medal Axis.
Click on the video to the right to see a short clip.


Here is a great clip of an Asian Sika wallowing in the mud getting all "dressed up"
for the ladies.


Alan Teague gets his Sika buck

Bailey Teague bags her first hog

...and her second one



Dave Babbitt gets his Axis buck

Video of Dave's axis buck  

Julian Ruiz bags his first Axis buck. A 10 year old cull buck. Video clip in the next frame.


Julian's axis buck.

Sgt Luis Ruiz and his Sika doe. See video clip to the right.

Nick Carrow

Nick Carrow bags an awesone Gold Medal Sika

Jim Carrow

Jim Carrow tags a nice Gold Medal Axis buck.

Lance Langehennig

Lance Langehennig poses with his awesome Axis buck.

Click on the video to the right to watch a clip.

Ed Hoffman

Ed Hoffman darts a rhino with his bow. How awesome is that!

Ted Nugent Jeff Campbell

Ted Nugent places a perfect shot on a Sika doe

as he poses with the webmaster, Jeff Campbell

Brandon Babbitt Hogs

Brandon Babbitt and the two hogs he dispatched.

Video of Brandon and his hogs  


Video clip from a meat hunt

Brandon Babbitt Whitetail

Brandon Babbitt scores his first whitetail buck during the 2010 Michigan youth hunt.


Brandon Babbitt uses an AR-15 to knock down a nice Sika doe.


Video clip of Brandon's Sika doe.

Kevin Campbell Hog

Kevin Campbell knocks off a nuisance 250+ pound boar with the newly mounted scope on our hand built AR-15.

video of hog  


Video clip of Sgt. Shires hunt


Fresh in from Virginia working for the U. S. Marines Wounded Warrior Regiment, Sgt. Tim Shires bags his first ever big game animal. He passed up a trophy Aoudad ram to help out the ranch by taking this management axis that was the bad boy on the block. He busted off a main beam and a brow tine, but the taxidermist can fix that if he wants.