Cpl Andrew Powers nails a trophy aoudad

My 2021 northern Michigan archery 8 point. Click on picture for video.

My 2019 CMO Warrior poses with a lemur. Click on the picture for a video clip of his hunt.


Travis Rupert bags a trophy aoudad. Click on the picture for a viseo clip.


Navy Seal Mark Matzeldelaflor tags a nice Blackbuck antelope on his wounded warrior hunt at the YO Ranch Headquarters


US Army SPC Matt Connally knocked down this nice fallow stag during his wounded warrior hunt at the YO Ranch Headquarters


US Army pilot Rich Laraway tagged this nice blackbuck during his wounded warrior hunt at the YO Ranch Headquarters


In memory of Gordie Howe I post this segment from the Old Timers Game I played in.




Sgt. Ryan Jahn gets a hog two-fer on his Combat Marine Outdoors Wounded Warrior hunt 


Sgt. Ryan Jahn gets a trophy axis at the YO Lamdowners property of Kirk Price in Mountain Home, Texas

Sgt. Cody Ferrell tags a nice axis stag during the last 15 minutes of his hunt. 


Tyler Woodward's hunt. Warning, this video will make you cry.




Click on picture for video clip


A collection of head shots and other hunting clips.



Jeff Campbell poses with his trophy Red Stag taken with a crossbow.


Video of Red Stag Hunt


Video of how to quickly field dress a deer

Ted Nugent places a perfect arrow on a nice blackbuck antelope.

Showing off my Detroit Red Wings pride before Ted Nugent and I head out hunting on the famed YO Ranch.

Ted tags a nice Hill Country 8 point whitetail

Two more does finishes off Ted's take at Rancho Los Campos


I wonder what happened to Smashmouth?



Jeff Campbell 300 game

My first perfect game!!!! Notice the lane number!

William Carrington is guided and filmed by Ted Nugent as he takes a nice cull buck
at Rancho Los Campos



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Updated: January28, 2022